Learn How To Properly Care For Your Cat.

Curiosity is what cats are famous for. Your cat might enjoy your company, but it is usually on his terms. Though your cat may confuse you, nothing beats him or her sitting on your lap, purring. The following advice will help you care for your pet.

Cats love to squeeze into tiny spots. They can get caught or stuck if they happen to be wearing a collar. A collar that is a breakaway model will detach itself if it gets pulled on. This could help save your cat if it gets caught in a tight spot.

To help your aging cat feel cozy, place a warmed tile under his bed. Place a tile made of terra cotta or a similar material in an oven heated to 200 degrees for around 15 to 20 minutes. Use an old towel to wrap around it, then place it beneath the cat’s blanket or bed. If necessary, repeat this every few hours.

Take your cat to the vet every year. Your cat needs to get a checkup about once every year, or more if there are issues that come up. Never hesitate to have your cat checked out if you think that something is wrong; remember that your cat can not tell you they are not feeling well.

Spray bitter apple on electrical cords. Keep your cords covered if you feel like your cat is hellbent on chewing them. You can hide away any cords inside the rolls that come inside paper towels. Put away electronics that have tempting, thin cords when you’re not using them.

Put your cats’ litter box where it is most acceptable to him. Try and put it in an isolated area away from the cat bowl. To prevent a strong stench, be sure this space is well-ventilated. Your cat will certainly appreciate your efforts, and you will too!

Avoid bladder crystals and stones by feeding high quality food. These are very painful and expensive to treat. Choose a low magnesium food. Consult the ingredient list. Cat food with lots of fish tends to have more magnesium, while products with lots of poultry tend to have less.

If you’re taking a trip with your cat, be sure to protect its ears. You may be tempted to blast your favorite songs at top volume. Cats, on the other hand, would probably prefer that you didn’t. To ensure your cat’s trip is pleasant, turn off the music or keep the volume low.

Brush your cat daily. This will help spread the natural oils within their fur while stimulating their skin’s blood flow. Additionally, brushing helps to expedite hair shedding. This will help to eliminate hairballs, which build in your cat’s stomach and prevents it from grooming itself.

You cat needs to get used to being in a carrier. Cats just don’t respond like dogs do when it comes to punishment. They respond better to encouragement. Give your cat a treat every time it does something well. Your cat will start to venture into their carrier more often, until they are completely comfortable with it. This will make getting the cat inside easier later.

Your cat should be given food from a can. While dry food is less costly, the canned food has added benefits. Canned food generally provides more nutrients, protein and fat as well as liquids. It’s much easier for older cats to chew it as well. Canned food is usually a great option for your cat, but talk with your vet.

Expect it to take several weeks for your current cat to accept a new cat in the home. They may seem like they’re fighting all the time. After a bit of time, you’ll have two cats that will tolerate, and possibly enjoy, each other.

Make sure that you play with your cat as often as possible. Play is important for all mammals, even people, regardless of their age. Although older cats won’t be as active as younger cats, they still need a little exercise. Make sure you and your cat are thoroughly enjoying each other.

Do you feel as if there is cat hair all over the place? Cats shed a ton, so they must be brushed frequently. Cats that shed a lot need to be brushed more frequently. This will prevent your cat’s coat from getting matted or tangled.

Just like humans, being overweight can harm a cat’s health, so do not feed him too much. Besides putting your cat at risk for obesity, providing it with too much food can open the door to many other health problems. Don’t overfeed your cat and ensure that his diet is healthy.

Use sticky tape on your furniture. Cats will avoid scratching furniture if it is equipped with sticky tape. You can even find tape specifically designed for this use in many pet stores. By keeping your furniture covered with tape and getting a scratching post put up, you will get your cat to scratch that instead.

Before you are tempted to give your feline bits of food from your table, think about how it may affect his health. Your cat may want human food, but most of it is not healthy for any cat. Egg, chicken, beef or fish are good options for a cat. Giving your cat the recommended amount of cat food provides a complete feline diet.

Vet visits are often inevitable, and the bills can quickly pile up. A great idea is to order your cat medication from an online website to save money. There are several companies that deliver right to your front door. This is beneficial for monthly medications your cat takes, such as heart worm pills or flea treatments.

Tick and flea medication is something you should use on your cat. There are drops that should be applied monthly and they are quite effective. These medicines can protect your pet from blood-leeching parasites that can cause diseases. You must use a brand that is designed specifically for cats.

Cats can be a strange and mercurial breed, but they are most definitely good companions if you get close to them. Use the tips you just read to care for your cat. Healthy and happy cats that are loved by owners are good friends to live with.